Bird Deterrents For Window Washing Contractors

Contractors of window washing often face problems with birds. Whether it is a multi-storey residential building, or a multiplex or an office building high-rise window washers need to be aware of the attacks and problems with birds. And they should opt for preventive measures to work safely and in an uninterrupted way.

There are different types of bird mitigation devices to control birds from infesting properties and disturbing window washers. These devices can help the contractors to a great extent, when chosen right and used in the correct way.

Bird deterrents have the ability to save windows from the birds as well. It is recommended that you must select a professional bird control service to install bird deterrents. 

The 3 different types of bird deterrents

Bird Spike – The bird spikes can assist you to stop birds from landing on windowsills. A person can found bird spikes in either extremely strong, very durable stainless steel or U.V. resistant non-breakable polycarbonate. The bird spikes made of stainless steel are available in 5 or 8 or in 3-inch widths. The bird spikes that are created by plastic can be found in 5 or 3 or in 7-inch widths. It is very easy to install bird spikes with the help of screws or nails, glue. The pre-drilled holes present in the base of such spikes give the installers the chance to install the bird spikes in an easy way.

Bird Gel – It is a true fact that birds really hate the feeling of stickiness and that’s why the birds will surely try their best to avoid the bird gel all the time. A perfect bird deterrent is good for the rooflines, ledges and sills. One ought to keep in mind that the best sticky bird gels are effectual especially in temperatures from 15F to 200F. An installer can apply the gels along with a good standard caulking gun at ease. Bird gels are able to make the problem of bird control simple and are effectual against gulls, starlings, sparrows, crows and so on. A user has to re-apply such gels per six months, which implies that a installer or a bird control professional have to revisit the client’s home and the repetition of the cleaning or washing business will continue to happen.

Bird Slope – Bird slope are actually PVC panels and are quite smooth. These kinds of PVC panels give anti-roosting, anti-perching protection against varied types of birds. These panels are installed in houses particularly in every crannies and nooks, where birds would love to stay and create their nests. However, birds cannot make the nest and live in such a bird slope. This is because the slope has a slippery and angled surface, where birds do not have a solid footing to start living in the nests.