Dogs- Humans Best Friends

Dogs are the world’s best domestic and pet animals and they are awesome. When a person comes home after work, dogs welcome him by greeting; licking their feet and running behind them to grab their attention. All these little things they do bring smile on the faces. Dogs have a very short term memory. They bark if they feel hungry or if they want to go for nature calls or any strange thing happen that frightens or hurts them.

They can understand human feeling and emotions. When we feel sad they look at us with big doe eyes. When we are angry, they stand on their back and start to bark or crawl on its feet and make such different things to convince us in any manner. They can respond to any of the human emotions and mood swings which even other humans can’t do. They have plenty of energy levels with which they would love to play, run around us. If you are after dog sitting in Melbourne, find out more here.

They can get excited with small pet treats like biscuits, chocolates, piece of liver and bones etc. which can help in training them. These treats are available in wholesale pet treats shops, in supermarkets, and in veterinary pharmacies. We can follow a good technique for giving treats to pets. The treat can be held in the hand between the first two fingers and the thumb so that the pet can’t even imagine of what it is.

Then let the pet sniff the treat with nose first, then eyes and then ears. When pet’s nose smells the treat, it means that the most important part of its brain is working. The treat is lifted slowly and easily so the pet’s nose follows it in the hand. If the pet jumps to take treat away then have the treat hand closer to its head. The moment the pet begins to follow the treat with nose and eyes it is instructed to “sit,” calmly and easily, and allow it to have its treat then. A natural voice can be used to handle the pet. And the pets are not allowed to get overexcited so that they lose their training lesson in all the commotion. Pet treats are also a form of showing affection towards the pets.

There are various breeds in dogs with each having different characteristics in nature. Humans share a special bonding with dogs and also with the people they love more. A pet makes his master feel better about life in general. They are mainly chosen for our well-being, regardless of how many friends and other people there for interaction. Pets occupy a special place in the family which cannot be fulfilled by any other person. Belongingness and possessiveness are the central needs of human beings. And pet is the one which satisfies this phenomenon. Family and friends cannot become a substitute for a pet. Browse dog kennels in Canberra here

Not only a dog shows love and affection towards us, but also they actually feel us as their family. Dogs rely on humans more than they do their own kind for affection, protection and everything in between. There is a unique behavior in between the dogs and humans. A dog can seek out eye contact from people. But it cannot seek eye contact with its own biological parents. That’s why pets are called as the best friends for humans.