Comparison Between White Shark Jaws And Yellow Shark Jaws

Most of the world area is covered with water which can be counted as approximately seventy percent. Remaining thirty percent of earth constitutes of land, forests, etc. So, larger the portion of habitat more is the living systems or biological systems residing in that habitat.  Aquatic life or marine life compromises of vast variety of sea animals and plants. There are fishes, turtles, octopus, whales, sharks, etc. sharks are the species of fish which have been there since five hundred years ago.  Even though some of the species of sharks have gone extinct but still we can find them in large numbers. In this article, we will be discussing about the comparison between white shark jaws and yellow shark jaws.

Sharks jaws:

Sharks belong to the family of fish as their skeleton system is made up of cartilaginous tissues instead of bones. However, unlike most of the fishes the skin of sharks is extremely smooth and thick. There are no scales that can be found on shark skin. Gills and fins can be seen on the body of sharks. As most of the species of sharks are carnivores so their teeth system is quite strong. They have two jaws; upper jaw and lower jaw. Each jaw is comprised of innumerable teeth which are further divided into four categories. A fix number of shark teeth for sale Australia can never be stated as they keep falling and growing time and again.

The jaws and teeth of sharks are extremely popular around the world for various reasons. Most importantly, there fossils are used in studies. Moreover, they are put into exhibition in museums. People like to hand the mounted jaws as an ornament. The teeth of sharks are used in jewelry.

Comparison between white shark jaws and lemon shark jaws:

Some of the species of sharks have gone extinct but fortunately we can still some modern species of sharks as a part of aquatic life. Two of the species of modern sharks are white sharks and lemon sharks. Both of these are the species of sharks having a predatory nature but white shark is extremely dangerous kind of shark which is also known as great white shark due to its vast size.

White shark comprises of huge sized jaws with and extremely pointed teeth. Each tooth of white shark is made in such a way that it can easily capture its prey and tear it apart in few seconds. However, in case of lemon shark jaws, all of the teeth are not equally pointed and sharp as white shark teeth. Moreover, their jaw circumference is also comparatively smaller.


Sharks are one of the oldest species of fish family. Some of the shark species have gone extinct but some modern shark species can still be found like white sharks and lemon sharks. White shark jaws are quite massive and constitute pointed teeth whereas the circumference of lemon shark jaw is comparatively smaller. “Shark jaw cleaning” offers the best quality of white shark jaws.