How To Help Your Pet Adjust To Their New Home?

It can be quite nerve racking to introduce a new pet into your home. You will need to shift your schedule in order to accommodate them and find ways to make them comfortable. The pet you choose has to fit into your living arrangement. You can’t have large animals in a small apartment. Large pets also need more exercise. In this article, we will be looking at a few ways of making your pet comfortable in their new home. This has to be done carefully so that they transition smoothly into their new environment.

Keep a regular routine

Accustom your pet to a routine when it comes to walks, playing, cuddling and sleeping. You can continue the routines they’re used to in their previous home. For example, if the dog is used to a doggy door, set up one in your house. And make sure your cat gets enough outside time if they’re used to that. Continue whatever their food is granted that it is healthy. For example, if they are used to grain free pet food, you can keep up the same routine with the same feeding schedules.

Bring their favourite toys

The transitioning period will be much easier if you bring in their old things such as their favourite bed, toys, crate, water dishes and treats. If your cat is accustomed to cat grain free food, continue the same diet. If you’re introducing new food, do it gradually so that they have time to adjust. You can keep their things in similar locations so that they can feel at home.

Consider their safety

Make sure of your pet’s safety during the moving stage. They might hide or run away once they encounter the sight of boxes and packing. Keep them in a secure place where they can’t get hurt or lost. A good way to keep them safe is to include your contact details in their tags. Make sure you have all the veterinarian records so that your new veterinarian can be kept up to date with their vaccinations and illnesses they’ve had. Once you get to your new home, scope out the surroundings for aggressive animals or structural risks that may endanger your pet.

Reduce anxiety

If your pet feels safer with you, keep them with you at all times during the transition. Some may feel better in a crate away from the chaos. You can also keep them at a friend’s or family member’s place till you organize your new home and make it more welcoming. The important thing to make sure is that they feel safe.

Practice patience

It will take some time for them to get used to the new surroundings. Let them explore their new home at their leisure. Be patient if their behaviour changes. Give them extra attention and make sure to give them your love as always.